Crusty Demons of Dirt

BAM Group was contracted by Sports and Entertainment Limited (SEL) to publicise the 2001 Crusty Demons Freestyle MX Show that was coming to Australia.

The Crusty Demons franchise had strong following from the USA and had built an underground following in Australia through the release of DVDs showcasing the troupe’s extreme motocross stunts.

BAM Media was able to build on the underground profile the Crusty Demons riders enjoyed in Australia. The thought of the Crusty Demons remaining low profile and underground was soon shattered!

The program devised by BAM Media was aimed at showcasing the spectacular action that the Crusty Demons provided. It showed that Crusty Demons was more akin to a hardcore rock concert than any other arena-based motoring activity seen in the past; extending and developing the Crusty Demons brand past the video/DVD sales – along with selling tickets to the events in the three major capitals – Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

The original tour was scheduled for just one event in each of the capital cities.

The media launch for the Crusty Demons tour showed off the unique nature of the Crusty show, using the spectacular visuals generated through the rider’s athleticism. It also displayed their unique and gnarly personalities to tap into the target demographic.

Media coverage from the launch around Australia generated such a response, more shows were added in each location.

The original number of shows – three – was increased to eight, each a sellout with more fans eager to obtain tickets.

The future success of the Crusty Demons and their annual Australian tours was built off the back of this original tour.

The Crusty riders went from being fringe, underground motocross riders to mainstream action sports stars with endorsements collectively worth millions of dollars – in some cases the riders becoming household names.