Mika Hakkinen & Erebus Motorsport in China

Erebus Motorsport took its AMG Customer Sports program to Asia at the end of 2013 and utilised the BAM Group to assist.

Working closely with AMG China for the event, two times Formula 1 World Champion, Mika Hakkinen joined Erebus for its first Asian foray at the Zhuhai Circuit in China.

The BAM Group managed the announcement of Hakkinen’s involvement globally and acted as the central communication hub between Erebus, AMG China and the AMG Customer Sports program in Germany.

On the ground during the event, BAM was the central agency for all motorsport and communication activities, educating key stakeholders as to the background of Erebus Motorsport, as well as explaining the AMG Customer Sports Program and the SLS AMG GT3 to AMG China representatives.

Other major responsibilities included briefings to photographers, the contracted MC, Mercedes-Benz and AMG China personnel, series commentators, TV commentators, livestream hosts and the local partner agencies.

BAM’s Account Manager was also given the responsibility of personally managing key staff during the course of the on-track events and providing comment and understanding of race strategy and outcomes.

A global livestream of the event was produced, with BAM liaising with the livestream company and developing concepts for lifestyle features on drivers and main personalities.

BAM Vision was used to distribute video news releases into the Australian and international markets.


The program received a huge amount of interest globally – it was Hakkinen’s first competitive race in two years, which resulted in his first win in over six years.

A number of journalists were corporate guests of AMG China for the weekend and got to see motor racing from the inner sanctum of a professional team for the first time.

The event coincided with AMG China’s annual conference and succeeded in displaying motorsport as a tangible brand activation activity for the AMG dealers and distributors.

Traditionally, motorsport in China is viewed as Formula 1 only and little correlation between road-going vehicles and brands is considered.

Content generated in English by the BAM Group was translated and utilised by Mercedes-Benz Motorsport and AMG Customer Sports throughout Europe in German and English; in Mandarin through AMG China; and throughout Finland and other key parts of Europe in English from the management of Mika Hakkinen.

Mercedes Motorsport and Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 (despite being at the Formula 1 Japanese Grand Prix the same weekend) reported to AMG Customer Sports that the BAM generated content used by them specifically due to its ease of use in translating from English to German; and use through English publications if required.

The livestream that showed qualifying and both races led to the livestream producers -that are also contracted to Audi and other manufacturers in Asia for similar events – reporting unprecedented traffic being drawn to their servers.


Social media was a huge part of the program in China through Sino-specific platforms such as Weibo and Youku. It produced sensational pickup for AMG China through its use of social media and the key influencers in the Chinese market aligned to its brand.

Mercedes-Benz Motorsport and the Mercedes-AMG DTM team were placing content on their social media channels with a huge global response, as well as Erebus Motorsport’s social media platforms, managed by BAM.

Four posts on Mercedes-Benz DTM’s Official Facebook page throughout the weekend generated a total of 2289 Likes, 138 Shares and 34 Comments.

Social media was managed by BAM into the English speaking market, whilst an outline of content for translating and posting into Chinese language during competition was provided to AMG China by BAM’s Account Manager for consumption on platforms such as Weibo and WeChat.

The engagement on Weibo produced one of the most successful outcomes for AMG China since it began using the platform. In the leadup to the event, on average, posts relating to the GT Asia Series event would receive up to 2400 forwards, whilst the event results – particularly the race one win – generated in excess of 2500 forwards.

The 28 posts on Erebus Motorsport’s GT page generated 2094 Likes and 165 Shares from the time of announcement.