Founded in Yokohama City, Japan in 1933, Nissan now manufactures vehicles in 20 countries around the world and services a further 160 countries worldwide.

It’s quest is to optimise product development and deliver highly innovative technology. In various countries and regions around the world, Nissan enjoys a stellar reputation for creating truly innovative vehicles and service programs.

Whilst it is a leader in new technologies, such as the Nissan LEAF – a 100 percent emission free electric vehicle – performance is a very strong part of the Nissan ethos, such as the Nissan GT-R and it has a strong sporting heritage, competing at various levels of motorsport around the world.

The BAM Group began working with Nissan on its V8 Supercar program, including generating a live YouTube feed for the eagerly anticipated launch of the Nissan Altima V8 Supercar. The relationship has expanded into Nissan Australia’s road cars, with BAM Vision supplying video services to the company.

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Nissan has utilised the BAM Group’s assets in the following ways:

  • Video News Release Development
  • Corporate Video Development
  • Event Management Support