Our Brands


BAM Media

‘We don’t follow trends – we create them.’

Established in 1988, the BAM Group is an industry leader in public relations, communications, creative design, media management, strategic planning and event management.

Built around an enthusiastic ‘ideas’ team, BAM Media’s current and former client base includes a diverse range of companies, events, teams and individuals from around Australia and the world.

The company prides itself on providing quality and cost-effective programs, designed and executed with professionalism and attention-to-detail.

The programs that can be designed by BAM Media provide a full service solution – both on and offline, embracing emerging technology, social and digital media. BAM Media can provide publishing services with output optimised for the latest in online/tablet technology or alternatively, traditional print formats.

Overall, BAM Media takes the time to understand its clients’ requirements and maintains a personal approach in its dealings, all to ensure the realisation of the goals of the client – whether that is selling tickets, selling product, selling sponsors or selling services.

BAM Vision

BAM Vision is the “moving” part of the BAM Group of businesses.

While designed to supply rights-free High Definition news footage for organisations, events and individuals, BAM Vision is not your everyday video production company.

We use some of the best cameramen, producers and editors in the business, who all have fantastic news sense as well as a strong corporate eye.

This service is continually improved with the adoption of the latest technology and combining it with innovative ideas.

Having the footage is one thing, knowing how to leverage it through distribution channels and innovative concepts is another – that’s our business!

Whether it is delivery of news-based footage, on-line messaging, corporate DVDs, full broadcast-quality feature stories or one-off corporate presentations, we can get the job done for you.

When you combine this service with everything else the BAM Group has to offer, the collection of assets is one of the most powerful available in media and marketing today.

The Speedcafe Motorsport Survey


The Motorsport Survey was one of the most comprehensive surveys in Australian motor racing.

Over 6,000 motorsport fans participated in our 169 question survey. The survey gave us an interesting insight into fan loyalties, manufacturer preferences, overseas rounds, street circuits v permanent tracks and the direction the fans would like to see the sport go in the future.

Speedcafe.com is the fans number one motorsport website and we care about your thoughts and opinions on the sport you support and are passionate about.


JobStop.com is the BAM Group’s entry into the multi-million dollar Australian online recruitment arena and prides itself in providing a different offering – one that is easy and hassle free for advertisers and jobseekers alike.

The site is a cost effective way for recruitment agencies and private employers alike to advertise for new employees, whilst giving job hunters the opportunity to upload their CVs and easily navigate the site to look for a new start in the sector of interest or local area.

With an easy to use, click and go, totally online model, JobStop’s aim is to eliminate much of the stress that comes from the recruitment process.

The site is supported by the BAM Group’s existing assets, including Speedcafe and has a full program of marketing, PR and social media to back up the advertisements being placed on the site and the unique, thought provoking news pieces that will continually keep employers and employees engaged with the site.