BAM Vision

BAM Vision was designed to supply rights-free high definition news footage for organisations, events and individuals and has evolved into a full-service arm of the BAM Group.

It is not your everyday video production company.

Using some of the best cameramen, producers and editors in the business, everyone at BAM Vision has fantastic news sense as well as a strong corporate eye. The service is continually improving with the addition of the latest technology complementing innovative ideas.

BAM Vision specialises in the delivery of news-based footage, online messaging, corporate presentations, full broadcast-quality feature stories or one-off corporate presentations.

Having the footage is one thing; knowing how to leverage it through distribution channels and innovative concepts is another.
That’s our business!

Engaging BAM Vision as part of your total communications and marketing solution adds a powerful tool to position your company or project directly in your target consumers’ minds.

The other element making up BAM Vision is a comprehensive stills photography service. This includes our own state-of-the-art studio and extensive online libraries and distribution channels.