Crusher The Book

Internationally respected media and public relations entrepreneur and BAM Group founder, Brett ‘Crusher’ Murray, officially launched his autobiography in December 2017.

CRUSHER – YOU JUST CAN’T MAKE THAT S#^! UP is a collection of more than 35 years of thoughts, insights and hilarious experiences.

The book is a melting pot of funny stories, true accounts and Crusher’s unique view on business, motorsport and life in general.

The book was written exclusively by Murray, who started as a cadet journalist at the age of 16. Murray decided to use the whole experience as an opportunity to educate himself and his BAM Group team about the publishing industry.

Once the words were penned the BAM Group arranged the design, proofing, legals, printing, marketing, media, payment systems and distribution of the book, which was a sellout.

The book was officially launched in front of 180 guests including family, friends, colleagues, clients and high profile sporting and business celebrities, many of whom have been clients of Murray’s BAM Group of companies.