Pirtek - Building an International Communication Model

Pirtek is an Australian export success story. Beginning as a small Sydney based operation, it grew to become an Australian franchise leader in the area of Fluid Transfer Technology. The company is still family owned and operated until this day.

Pirtek has divisions now in the UK, North America, China, Mongolia and New Zealand – and almost 100 franchises across Australia.

Whilst on a continual growth curve, Pirtek was finding regular information flow between franchisees and the head office could have been improved significantly.

Enter BAM Group.

BAM Group has devised a full internal and external communication program for Pirtek that sees information flow between head office and the franchise base.

This includes the publication of a quarterly e-zine profiling franchisees, along with detailing Pirtek’s activities in the marketplace – such as major partnerships with the Parramatta Eels NRL franchise, Australia’s biggest one day fishing competition and the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.

A full social media campaign that engages franchisees and their network – both customers and non-customers – has been implemented, so too a full digitisation and overhaul of the company’s product catalog.

The arrangement between Pirtek and the BAM Group re-ignites a professional relationship formed many years ago and continues a long personal relationship held between both owners of the BAM Group and Pirtek.

As with any community it has been found some members are more proactive than others when it comes to spreading the message and representing the brand.

An integral part of the communication program being implemented for Pirtek, BAM Media will also arm the franchisees with the tools to go to their local media outlets and promote not only their business, but the community activities that Pirtek is involved with.

The program being delivered to Pirtek Australia is a perfect case study in BAM Group being able to deliver a large-scale, internal and external communications program. Pirtek is currently investigating transplanting the program to the international territories it operates in.

“We identified a need to communicate far more efficiently across our business units and ensure that the right messaging was getting through to our franchisees,” explained Pirtek Managing Director, Steve Dutton. “We didn’t have the capability for this in house, hence engaging BAM Media.

“The BAM team came in with fresh eyes and quickly identified the areas of need within our business and then set about developing a program that would deliver both at a head office level and at an individual franchise level.

“BAM instantly understood where the areas of need within our business were – and in a short time, the feedback we’ve received from the franchisee base – who can be quite brutal at times – has been incredibly positive.”