PIRTEK Enduro Cup

Long-time BAM Group partners, PIRTEK, were approached by Supercars Australia to sponsor a new endurance championship format for the 2013 season.

PIRTEK arranged a brainstorming session with BAM representatives to explore the opportunity and to make a final decision.

It was decided that the format was a fit for the PIRTEK brand and its objectives.

The first task was to create an iconic trophy that would be instantly recognisable in the marketplace, giving the whole competition credibility.

BAM engaged famous international artist James Corbett to not only design a perpetual trophy incorporating hundreds of PIRTEK fittings, but to also create an annual trophy which would remain with the winning team year on year.

After the fourth event in 2016, PIRTEK re-signed for a further four years and Corbett was engaged to create another four impressive keepsakes.

A constant PR program and the continual positioning of the physical PIRTEK Cup has seen it become instantly recognisable to motorsport fans and the general public alike in a very short period of time.

As part of the original agreement, it was negotiated that the perpetual trophy, which is recognised as a valuable piece of art, would remain the property of PIRTEK if the Endurance Cup comes to an end.