is the BAM Group’s entry into the multi-million dollar Australian online recruitment arena and prides itself in providing a different offering – one that is easy and hassle-free for advertisers and job seekers alike.

The site is a cost-effective way for recruitment agencies and private employers to advertise for new employees, whilst giving job hunters the opportunity to upload their CVs and easily navigate the site to look for a new start in the sector of interest or local area.

With an easy-to-use, click and go, totally online model, JobStop’s aim is to eliminate much of the stress that comes from the recruitment process.

The site is supported by the BAM Group’s existing assets, including Speedcafe and has a full program of marketing, PR and social media to back up the advertisements being placed on the site and the unique, thought-provoking news pieces that will continually keep employers and employees engaged with the site.

The website was revamped in September 2018 to bring it into line with, ensuring the interface is familiar to those across the various platforms.

While the service is free for users, employers have further opportunities to pay for enhanced promoted job listings to ensure their opportunities reach the maximum volume of potential candidates. is powered by, allowing for cross promotion that benefits not only our brand, but those within our Platinum Partners family.